After my grandmother passed away, our family home, which she had lived in until her death, was put up for sale. No one in the family could afford the expenses of its upkeep. In this film, we follow all the steps from the emptying-out of the house to its demolition, since it was purchased by developers for the land. We also see how the family changes as it mourns and as questions arise about how to preserve the traces of the past, about family ties and about family heritage in general. This key moment in the life of a family, when one generation disappears and with it the place where the entire family gathers, is an important and significant step. What are we going to do to maintain our ties and to preserve what my grandmother, who was very attached to her family, gave us? What do we feel we each carry with us? And what do we want to pass on to the generation that follows us? Beyond the example of one specific family, it’s people’s links with the past and the very notion of heritage in the widest meaning of the world that I want to explore via the concrete reality of this situation.
Director's filmography:
- Un souffle d'art (Feature)
- Histoire de lire (2008 - TV)
- Passé Composé (2011 - TV)
- L'Artiste dans les milieux de soins, une cartographie (2014 - Short)
- La vie est là (2017 - Feature)
Year of production:
Luna Blue Film