In 2014, Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup 2014. An estimated 3 million tourists, of which 600 000 foreigners, have taken part in the event and have been travelling around the 12 host cities. Millions of others from around the world have followed the event, which was portrayed as the most prestigious World Cups of all times, in the country of football. However, one may ask if Brazilians shared this enthusiasm? Anger is brewing in this paradoxical country, which has emerged economically in the past couple of years but fails to address the tremendous social inequalities. Since June 2013, millions of Brazilians voiced their discontent and their opposition to the World Cup in the streets countrywide. Their slogan was ‘Copa para quem?’ (Who’s this World Cup for?). This short documentary sheds light on the social realities behind the 2014 FIFA World Cup in one of 12 host cities, Fortaleza, capital of Ceará, one of the poorest Brazilian states. It gives a voice to the voiceless of the World Cup, those whose conditions are likely to worsen because of the event. Through four major topics (forced evictions, street children, sex tourism and the awakening of social movements) it shows a gloomy reality, which bears little relation with the image Brazilian authorities relay through mass media channels.
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- Copa Para Quem ? Les dessous de la Coupe du Monde (2014 - Short)
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