A positive, engaging film, but which is necessary in this recovery period and given the uncertainty about the economy and the future. It takes stock of the current state of affairs to show what role industry still plays in the economy today and how this industrial activity, being designed like a production line, going from the transformation of raw materials to finished products, provides structure. This is the challenge of the film. This study has been carried out by viewing the current situation in an historical perspective. Belgium is connected to neighbouring countries which have also experienced gradual deindustrialisation of their economies. Belgium is just one example of a larger phenomenon that concerns the whole of Europe. But is this deindustrialisation inevitable? This is what we’re seeking to find out, by relying on the example of Germany and the United States: two remarkable cases, which are currently at the centre of every debate.
Director's filmography:
Patrick Lemy
- La nef des fous (2014 - Feature)
- Made in Belgium (2014 - TV)
Olivier Moser
- Le fil du temps : l'Allemagne retrouvée (2001)
- Le fil du temps : du Congo au Zaïre (2001)
- Le fil du temps : génération Vietnam (2001)
- Fil du temps : l'Europe en marche (le) (2001)
- Made in Belgium (2014 - TV)
Françoise Gilain
- Made in Belgium (2014 - TV)
Year of production:
Triangle 7