What have become of them?… These three young boys from Morocco who, in these 1970s archives, explain us what they want to do in future…. A journalist asks them some questions. He asks them what they want to do when they grow up, if they intend to stay in Belgium, the language they speak at home… The answers are full of hope and projects. With sparkling eyes and a proud attitude, they answer without any hesitation. The first one wants to work as an engineer, the other one as an electrician and the third one wants to work in an office…. Regarding their homegoing to Morocco, they were all saying that they still didn’t know what they intend to do… What have they become now? Are they still alive? Do they still live in Belgium? After a long investigation, Faïza Boumedian, the Film Maker, of Moroccan descent, have met, with her camera, these three men. Today, they are now almost sexagenarian… they have had a life full of obstacles, torments, disillusions… Little by little, the true subject of the documentary has evolved in: “What have they become… our dreams…, the dreams of these immigrants of the second, third generation…. And spontaneously, other characters, full of music, poetry, success, have joined the shooting…
Director's filmography:
- La méthode Suzuki (2014 - TV)
- Que sont-ils devenus ? nos rêves… (2014 - TV)
Year of production:
Laura B. Production