Uruguay, 1966. Leading politician Aurelio Saavedra, brings home Masángeles, his illegitimate child, after the unexpected suicide of her mother. Aurora, his wife, will never recover from this blow.
Masángeles realizes that in such a crazy egotistical household she has to adapt in order to survive, while outside, the country is suffering from a civil war between amateur guerillas and an oppressive military regime. Every member of the family adopts a different position in this situation: Aurelio is worried about honor, which leads him into various duels. Aurora ignores the reality of the poor, sheltering in the permanent changes of the house. Aurelio’s sister and her husband only think about having more and more money. Aurelio’s son, Santiago, becomes concerned about social justice and joins the guerillas, after they invade the house. Nobody really cares about each other, except for Masángeles, who does the best she can. Five years later, Masángeles (now 13) discovers Santiago´s secret tunnel to the church, with hidden people, weapons, and stolen money. Becoming increasingly infatuated with him, she ends up seducing him. But Santiago has to flee, as he is wanted by the military. Masángeles discovers she is pregnant. It is the day of the military coup, and Santiago is arrested but the van carrying him, crashes at his house, spilling gasoline. A fire quickly spreads and nears Masángeles, who is giving birth, just as the house is about to explode. She has to try and get to the secret tunnel…
Antonella Aquistapache, Ignacio Cawen, Martín Flores
Recent selection(s):
FFM - Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal (Montréal)
São Paulo International Film Festival (São Paulo)
Director's filmography:
- Les lézards (1989)
- Les sept péchés capitaux (1992 - Feature)
- Putain de vie (En la puta vida) (2001 - Feature)
- Masángeles (2008 - Feature)
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