The wealthy Congolese businessman, Moïse Katumbi, is not only governor of the African province of Katanga, rich in precious minerals, but is also president of the famous football team «Le Tout puissant Mazembe».

The media, football, politics and business are the ingredients of the cocktail concocted by this new African messiah named Moïse. He is the symbol of this new leadership that gains power through ballot boxes and elections, as well as being a symbol of a democracy based on business and populism. A rival of the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, will Moïse one day be elected president?

Recent selection(s):
Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (Thessaloniki)
IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
FIFDH - Festival International du Film des Droits de l'Homme de Paris (Paris)
Amiens International Film Festival (Amiens)
DOCVILLE - International Documentary Film Festival (Leuven)
Afrika Filmfestival (Leuven)
FIPA - Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels de Biarritz
Recent award(s):
Vues d'Afrique - Festival International de cinéma (Montréal)
Director's filmography:
- Gosses de Rio (TV)
- Carnet de tournage, le making of de Congo river (TV)
- L'empire du silence (Feature)
- A fleur de terre (1990 - Feature)
- Zaïre, le cycle du serpent (1992 - Feature)
- Les derniers colons (1995 - TV)
- Donka, radioscopie d'un hôpital africain (1996 - Feature)
- Mobutu, Roi du Zaïre (1999 - Feature)
- Iran, sous le voile des apparences (2002 - Feature)
- Congo River, au-delà des Ténèbres (2005 - Feature)
- Katanga business (2009 - Feature)
- Mémoire du Congo - Zaïre: fragments inédits de Thierry Michel (2010)
- L'affaire Chebeya, un crime d'Etat? (2012 - Feature)
- L'irrésistible ascension de Moïse Katumbi (2013 - Feature)
- L'homme qui répare les femmes (La colère d'Hippocrate) (2014 - Feature)
- Enfants du hasard (2017 - Feature)
- L'école de l'impossible (2020 - Feature)
Year of production:
58' et 83'
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