It is about a town, a young girl and a walk. It is about what you see, and what you don’t see. Phantom images and holes in the brain. Because the eye is a viewfinder but sees only subjectively… How can we be sure that what we see is really there? Quantum mechanics show that reality exists only because it is viewed by an observer. If the observer is blind, do the things exist anyway? Sarina, 18 years old, is walking through her home city of Brussels. She describes it in her own way: in sensations and light… dreaming that she is a giant, one night taking hold of the city, stroking it with her fingertips… And what if seeing beyond what is visible means perceiving just the essence of things and, in Sarina’s words, taming death itself?
Sarine Cohn et son chien Nogag
Director's filmography:
- Histoire de voir (Short)
- (Short)
- Rire en temps de crise (TV)
- Les femmes et le sacre (TV)
- Pardon Cupidon (1992 - Feature)
- Madeleine au Paradis (2000 - TV)
- Filmer le désir, voyage à travers le cinéma des femmes (2001 - TV)
- La femme du Président (2002 - TV)
- Le regard des autres (2003)
- Nos parents sont gays et c'est pas triste (2003 - Short)
- Hubert Nyssen, portrait en 22 fragments (2003 - TV)
- Le regard des autres (2003 - Short)
- Voir sans les yeux (2004)
- Seins aussi ont commencé petits (les) (2004)
- Voir (sans les yeux) (2004 - Feature)
- Les seins aussi ont commencé petits (2004 - Short)
- Comment le dire à sa mère ? (2005)
- J'voulais pas mourir, juste me tuer (2005)
- C koi être feministe? (2007 - Short)
- C koi être 1 fem? (2007 - Short)
- J'suis pas mort (2012 - Feature)
- L’étrange balade de Sarina (2013 - Short)
- Inondation, une menace planétaire (2015 - Feature)
Year of production:
Luna Blue Film