Marc Stevens is unattached and in his thirties. Until now, he has scratched together a living travelling from place to place singing old love songs, however, he believes that the next performance he is heading to will finally provide him with the recognition he deserves. On a dark and rainy night, on a small country road, his van breaks down forcing him to seek refuge in an isolated inn, miles from civilisation. Mr. Bartel, the old innkeeper, is pleased to have some compagny as his life has been a lonely existence since his wife, also a singer, walked out on him years before. Bartel tries to befriend Marc but Marc does not intend to stay long, he has to set off the next day to arrive in time for the concert. Bartel, though, has other plans. Recognising in Marc his long lost wife Gloria, little by little he intends to appropriate Marc's destiny.  Bartel will push his madness to the extreme, seeking to shape Marc into the ideal wife : loving, understanding and most importantly loyal, someone who will remain by his side forever and sing to him. Marc is trapped in the confines of this lonely man's insanity. Humiliated, tortured, forced to dress as a woman, his options are limited. He needs to break out of this prison. Marc attempts to escape but only to discover that Bartel's madness has spread to the neighbouring village where the local farmers are also truly convinced that Gloria has returned. He is entrapped in an isolated tavern, near a remote village, in the heart of a forest in the middle of nowhere. Marc understands that he is caught in a situation of which he still cannot grasp the limits. Will he ever manage to untangle himself from this sinister web?
Laurent Lucas, Jean-Luc Couchard, Jacky Berroyer, Philippe Nahon, Philippe Grand'Henry, Brigitte Lahaie, Jo Prestia
Director's filmography:
- Adoration (Feature)
- Des Cowboys et des indiens : le cinéma de Patar et Aubier (Feature)
- Inexorable (Feature)
- Quand on est amoureux, c'est merveilleux (1999 - Short)
- Calvaire (2004 - Feature)
- Vinyan (2008 - Feature)
- Alleluia (2014 - Feature)
Year of production: