On July 27th 1890, Vincent Van Gogh shoots himself in the breast and dies two days later... The movie starts whith his death. Theo and his wife go to the Netherlands to rejoin their mother and their two sisters waiting for them at the vicarage to watch over their brother Vincent. During 48 hours, Vincent's family opens the doors of a closed universe where a silent character is now ruling, a soul whose sunlit sorrow has dangerous virtues. He has lived as a tortured man, they will live on as tortured beings, will feel that the soul never heals. Skin-deep reproaches slowly appear, focusing on their mother Moe. Anna, Elizabeth and Willemine revolt against the polite indifference of a mother who never accepted their personality, who wanted them to be like her, who prefered to forget her son Vincent - whom she never understood and never considered as being part of her universe. Theo keeps watching them as they indulge in a self-satisfactory sentimentalism. He has decided to set up an exhibition of Vincent's works and correspondence. He asks his mother to give him the few letters Vincent wrote to her and their father, as well as some paintings Vincent made when he stayed at the vicarage. But Moe has buried her son Vincent for ever; she does not know that in the end, love is always the winner. Albert Aurier- an art critic - the only character who does not belong to the family - has written a beautiful article about Vincent Van Gogh and Whishes to work out an autobiography of the artist. Through this man the audience will enter this universe obligingly depicting the life and works of an artist in his family at the end of the XIXth century.
Jean-Pierre Laurit, Philippe Volter, Maria Meriko, Juliette Thierrée, Nicole Riston, Edith Cebulla, Irène Jacob, Armand Eloi
Director's filmography:
- La veillée (1990 - Feature)
- Le moulin de Daudet (1993 - Feature)
Year of production: