Presse 14 OCT 2013

In the Name of the son wins Golden Méliès

At the occasion of the 46th edition of Sitgès international fantastic Film Festival, In the name of the son by Belgian director Vincent Lannoo has been awarded by the Golden Méliès for the best european fantastic film.

Earlier in July the film was qualified for the competition by winning the Silver Méliès at Neuchâtel international Fantastic Film Festival.

The Golden Méliès is an award from the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation. It rewards the best fantastic or sci-fi film. Each of the nine members of the federation attributes each year a Silver Méliès to one of the films in competition. Winning the Silver Méliès automatically qualify the film for the Golden competition.

Three days back, the film also received the Public Award at the Absurde Séance Festival in Nantes (France).

Currently in Montreal where In the name of the son is presented in competition at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma before its canadian release, Vincent Lannoo expresses his pleasure and pride : “Winning the Golden Méliès is simply big. I would like to thank all the people who made the film possible and of course the magical Astrid Whettnal and the genious Philippe Falardeau (co-writer). This film we wanted kicky and surprising for the viewers, surprises us everyday a bit more.”

Released early April in Belgium, the film had its international premiere end of June at the Karlovy Vary international film festival.

The film tells the story of Elisabeth (Astrid Whettnall) a mother who’s running a radio show on "Christian Hope Radio". But neither her faith, nor "Christian Hope Radio", nor love will prevent Elisabeth from falling into the limbo of reality. The lies of her husband, the silence of the church and the denial of those closest to her will cause her to embark upon a violent crusade. A crusade that will be marked by doubt.

Produced by Yoni productions, In the name of the son is sold worldwide by Intramovies.