News 08 DEC 2017

Thierry Michel awarded at Watch Docs

The Belgian director will receive an award at the 17th edition of Watch Docs Festival (Poland).

Thierry Michel will receive the Marek Nowicki Prize, rewarding his commitment in the defense of human rights through his films.

The prize will be awarded by the Board of Directors of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights at the closing ceremony of the Watch Docs festival, where his latest film, Children of Chance, premiered.

Also part of the jury of this 17th edition of Watch Docs, Thierry Michel will again be honored in a retrospective of his work, consisting of five feature-length documentaries selected - under the suggestions of the filmmaker himself. It will take place from December 10th to 14th.

Iran: Veiled Appearances will first be presented. It is a multidimensional portrait of this country at the end of the 20th century.

The following screenings will focus on the work of Thierry Michel about Congo: Congo River immerses the viewer into a film journey famous in time and space. Then, will be projected Mobutu, King of Zaire, documentary portrait of a dictator with extremely interesting archives, and The Man who mends women (the wrath of Hippocrates), portrait of Denis Mukwege, gynecologist honored with the Sakharov Prize for his help to the countless victims of rape during the Congolese civil war.

Finally, the festival will close with the screening of the latest film by the winner of the Marek Nowicki, Children of Chance, which depicts the next generation of inhabitants of the mining basin in the heart of Belgium - this time with non-European roots.

The Watch Docs Film Festival, one of the largest dedicated to human rights, is taking place right now, from 7 to 14 December.