News 26 OCT 2018

Neon Rouge awarded 3 times

Brussels’ based production company Neon Rouge has recently received 3 Prizes in several festivals.

It’s a wonderful October for production company Neon Rouge : The Forgotten people of the Amazon (Les Oubliés de l’Amazonie), The Mercy of the Jungle (La Miséricorde de la Jungle) and Lendemains incertains have been awarded.

Directed by Marie-Martine Buckens, The Forgotten people of the Amazon (Les Oubliés de l’Amazonie) tells how, in the name of fighting climate change, thousands of residents living in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon are offered to abandon their ancestral agriculture for a small nest egg of 13€ per month and per family. It shows how multinationals use, with the help of NGO’s, certain tools from the Climate Convention to make profits and to keep on polluting without impunity.

Awarded at New Earth International Film Festival in Poland, Marie-Martine Buckens’ documentary has been awarded Best Documentary Feature.

Directed by Eddy Munyaneza, Lendemains incertains is another documentary recently awarded and produced by Neon Rouge. The director talks about his personal story : June 2015, Burundi, thousands gather in the streets of Bujumbura to manifest against Pierre Nkurunziza's third mandate. As I film the first acts of violence and the victims therefrom produced, I become separated from my family. I'm obliged to flee, due to the increasing violence in the country and the risks bought on by making this film. The second half of the story is the search for my children in Burundi and Rwanda. On both sides of the frontier, I meet those who stayed and those who fled. Their stories, often brutal and fragmented, express a huge amount of uncertainty.

Lendemains incertains has won the Best Documentary Prize at the 14th edition of the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

The Mercy of the Jungle, feature film by Joel Karekezi, is the third award for Neon Rouge this month. The story tells us about Sergeant Xavier, a Rwandese hero of war, and the young and unexperimented private Faustin. In the middle of the Kivu jungle in Congo, they are in enemy territory where they wage a blurry war. When the two men lose their battalion, they are left alone without resources, lost in the inextricable Congolese jungle, known to be the widest, thickest and most dangerous in the continent.

Presented in New Directors Competition at the 54th edition of Chicago International Film Festival, The Mercy of the Jungle directed by Joel Karekezi has received the Silver Hugo Award.

All these films have been supported by the Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles.

Established in Brussels, Neon Rouge Production is built on the desire to promote documentary and fictional films of a higher quality. Their main goal is to discover filmmakers and develop new and original projects with them.