News 08 NOV 2018

Special mention for « Alone at my wedding » at Tübingen Festival

The 35th International French-speaking Film Festival of Tübingen-Stuttgart revealed a special mention for Marta Bergman's film, Alone at my wedding.

Presented in international competition, the script of Alone at my wedding by Marta Bergman has been awarded with a special mention, « for her touching story of the emancipation journey of a young Romanian woman through a wedding on Internet, for the rigorous construction of the story and attention to details ».

The film tells the story of Pamela, a teen mom, is suffocating in the Roma community of her village in Romania. She had to leave school to take care of her baby. His grandmother is watching her. They live at three in a hut and share the same bed. Pamela dreams of another life… Via a matrimonial agency, Pamela meets a Belgian to whom she hides the existence of her daughter. To join him, she abandons her child.

Produced by FraKas Productions, Alone at my wedding was supported by the Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

In 35 years, the International French-speaking Film Festival of Tübingen-Stuttgart has become an essential platform for emerging french-speaking cinema in Germany.