News 09 JAN 2019

Our Struggles competing at Göteborg

Four Belgian french-speaking films will be presented during the 42nd edition of Göteborg Film Festival. Among these films, Our struggles directed by Guillaume Senez, in the international competition.

Recently awarded 3 times during the Festival of Torino, Our Struggles, feature film directed by Guillaume Senez, starts 2019 with a selection in the international competition of Göteborg Film Festival.

Produced by Iota Production, Our struggles tells the story of Olivier (Romain Duris). At work, he struggles to fight injustice. But from one day to the next, when his wife Laura (Lucie Debay) walks out, he is forced to juggle between his children's education, his family life and his career. Faced with his new responsibilities, he battles to find a new balance, because Laura never returns.

3 other films will also be presented, but in the “Five Continents” section, dedicated to astonishing stories, affecting life destinies and unique cinematic discoveries. This section invites to a fascinating cinematic journey that gives new perspectives and shows the world’s and film art’s diversity.

Among these selected films, When Arabs danced by Jawad Rhalib et produced par R&R Productions. A fundamentalist hates life. For him, it presents temptation, a moving away from God and a loss of time before the celestial paradise with its rivers flowing with milk of eternal taste, its streams of wine, its delights and its virgins. Life is the product of disobedience and this disobedience is the work of the ARTIST. The fundamentalist resents the artist, who gives life to matter and leads pure souls away from paradise with sick ideas, a devilish drawing, a bewitching song or an evil dance… The artist is, therefor, the devil and in order to be able to kill him, the fundamentalist labels him the enemy of Allah. Formerly carefree, the Arab-Muslim world has...

The Mercy of the jungle will also be presented in this “Five Continents” section. Produced by Neon Rouge Productions, the story tells us about Sergeant Xavier, a Rwandese hero of war, and the young and unexperimented private Faustin. In the middle of the Kivu jungle in Congo, they are in enemy territory where they wage a blurry war. When the two men lose their battalion, they are left alone without resources, lost in the inextricable Congolese jungle, known to be the widest, thickest and most dangerous in the continent.

Last Belgian french-speaking film at Göteborg, Emma Peeters produced by Take Five. Nicole Palo’s second feature tells the story of Emma Peeters, who will soon be 35 and has yet to accomplish something. After years of hardship in Paris in trying to become an actress, an idea strikes her fancy: bringing her days to an end in a week’s time, on her birthday. In the process Emma meets Alex Bodart, a fanciful funeral home employee who will help her in her reckless endeavour. By dint of hard work to hide their respective feelings, it seems they may succeed in bringing about Emma’s final objective.

These 4 films have been supported by the Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel of Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Created in 1979, Göteborg Film Festival is one of the largest film festival in the Nordic countries. The Festival attracts more than 160,000 visits each year and presents nearly 450 films from some 80 countries during the ten-day festival at the end of January. For this 2019’s edition, the Festival will take place from January 25 to February 4.