News 14 JAN 2019

Six Belgian projects at FIPADOC

Revealed this Monday January 14th, six Belgian french-speaking projects figure among the official selection.

Produced by Simple Production, Totems and Taboos, directed by Daniel Cattier, will be presented in the festival's first international competition.
Synopsis : We probe the colonial history of the Africa Museum in Brussels, from its creation by Leopold II to the repatriation of works to their country of origin.

Maurice Béjart, the soul of dance, directed by Henri De Gerlache and Jean de Garrigues and produced by Alizé Production will be presented in the “Panorama de la création francophone” section.
Synopsis : A portrait of Maurice Béjart, who opened up dance to a wider audience and who left his mark on his era and on the soul of dance for all time.

Another Belgian film presented in the same category, Under the shower by Effi Weiss and Amir Borenstein and produced by the Brussels Center of Video.
Synopsis : The struggle of a citizen action group who want to offer the poorest residents in Brussels a place to shower.

Two shorts films will be presented in the “Jeune création” category : After the silence and Adjournment. Produced by MédIADiffusion and directed by Sonam Larcin, After the silence tells the story of David, forced to flee his country, is forced to also leave the man he loves. He thinks back to him, to them, and the relationship they tried to hide.

Adjournment by Nina Marissaux, takes place during a trial. Five people with no previous exposure to the legal system go to watch a criminal trial. They share their impressions while the hearing is in recess. Produced by Les APACH.

Last Belgian project at FIPADOC this year, iamale, produced by Domino Production and directed by Sergio Ghizzardi, which is a linear VR presented in the “Smart” category.
Synopsis : Nenets are at risk. Will the Nenets be able to continue their traditional way of life?

This year, the FIPADOC first edition will take place from January 22 to 27.