News 28 JAN 2019

“Maurice Béjart, the soul of dance” awarded at FIPADOC

Selected in the “Panorama de la création francophone” section, Maurice Béjart, the soul of dance, directed by Henri De Gerlache and Jean de Garrigues received the Audience Award during the closing ceremony of the 2019 FIPADOC edition.

Synopsis : A portrait of Maurice Béjart, who opened up dance to a wider audience and who left his mark on his era and on the soul of dance for all time.

Initiated by Alizé Production and Gedeon Programmes, the film is co-produced by RTBF, TSR, ARTE and Proximus TV. It has already been awarded many times in different festivals (ArtFifa, Dance on camera festival,...). Its international distributor is Terranoa.