News 07 MAR 2019

11.11.18 in competition at Tribeca

In competition at Tribeca Film Festival, the 11.11.18 virtual reality experience will be screened as a world premiere in New York next April.

11.11.18, an immersive fictional experience in virtual reality, was created on the occasion of the centenary of the Armistice. Directed by Sébastien Tixador and Django Shrevens, 11.11.18 is based on an historical fact : the morning of November 11, 1918, the Armistice was signed at 5:15 but the ceasefire was effective at 11am.

On November 11, 1918, in the heart of a trench, Sergeant BROULARD was seriously injured. Right in front of him, the story may change. A telegraphist sapper, back from the front, just had time to get a message : a peace treaty would have been signed in the morning. An assault must be launched but the rumor is spreading and it is now up to the soldiers to make the final decision. That may lead them on the road to peace.

Through this experience, the two directors wanted to offer an incarnated vision of the daily trenches by humanizing the narration through the sergeant Broulard, incarnated by the spectator. They explain: "Our ambition was to resurrect humanity from this decisive moment by creating an immersive and interactive film in virtual reality. Plunging into the daily lives of these war heroes could help to understand these men differently by confronting us with the difficult dilemma they had to face. Some would be willing, despite the risks, to maintain their moral integrity? It is through this hopeful message that we wish to provoke a free will in each spectator."

Produced by Les Films de la Récré, the film has been supported by the Brussels Capital Region and Screen Brussels and co-produced with RTBF, Poolpio, Scope Pictures.

The Tribeca Film Festival is an independent American film festival created in 2002 that takes place every year in New York, in a neighborhood of Manhattan called Tribeca. For its 2019 edition, the Festival will be held from April 24th to May 5th.