News 15 APR 2019

That which does not kill awarded at Visions du Réel

Visions du Réel, the International Documentary Film Festival of Nyon, delivered Saturday 13th April the awards of its 50th edition. That which does not kill has received the Prix du Jury Région de Nyon. 

Directed by Alexe Poukine and produced by the Video Centre of Brussels, That which does not kill awarded has been awarded as the Most innovative feature film of the International Competition.

The film tells the story of Ada, 19. A man she knows invites her to dinner and she accepts. Everything goes so quickly. She doesn’t defend herself. Her genitals get torn, her mind is scattered. In spite or because of that, she goes back twice to confront this man. Her story intertwines with others, each one different, yet all the same – a nasty, insane and commonplace story.

Supported by the Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel of Wallonia Brussels Federation, the documentary has been co-produced with CBA, Take Five, RTBF (Belgian Radio-Television) and BIP TV.

Starting in 1969, the Festival quickly made for itself as one of the most important rendez-vous for documentary film. Renamed Visions du Réel in 1995, it is the only Swiss film festival for this specific field. The Festival is also considered as a stepping stone for new talent.