News 10 MAY 2019

3 Belgian short films at Odense

3 Belgian French-speaking short films will compete during the 44th edition of the Odense International Film Festival.

First short selected, Ruffians directed by Alexandre Jallali et produced by Manomètre Films.

Synopsis : I didn’t want to kill her… Damn, it's gnawing at me... You were so beautiful it burned my stomach. I understood fuck-all about life, but with you I knew, I was sure, that's what love is... And it doesn’t matter to me that it's that dog, Zoltan, who's sending me six feet under, because at least I saved my sister and Adam, at least I did one good thing in this bitch of a life.

Another Belgian short presented in competition, Under the rib cage, directed by Bruno Tondeur and produced by Take Five, which tells the story of a guy who's about to die... maybe.

In competition for the Best short documentary, After the silence directed by Sonam Larcin and produced by MédIADiffusion.

Synopsis : David, forced to flee his country, is forced to also leave the man he loves. He thinks back to him, to them, and the relationship they tried to hide.

Those films have been all supported by the Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel of Wallonia Brussels Federation.

OFF is Denmark's International, Oscar-qualifying short film festival, and with its launch in 1975, it is also the country’s oldest film festival. OFF is an alternative film festival, born with passion and creativity; a spirit that the festival has maintained and nurtured ever since. OFF19 is from the 26th of August to the 1st of September.