News 17 JUN 2019

4 Awards for Belgian French-speaking cinema this weekend

This weekend has been a really good one for Belgian French-speaking cinema with 3 films and 1 actor awarded by 3 different festivals over France.

During its 43rd edition from June 10th to 15th, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival awarded 2 Belgian animated films, Panic in the village “The County Fair” and Big Wolf and Little Wolf.

Directed by Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier and produced by Panique!, Panic in the village “The County Fair” received the Cristal for a TV Production.

Thanks to working hard and with some self-sacrifice, Indian and Cowboy successfully pass their school exams. As a reward, Horse bought VIP tickets for the Great Agricultural Fair, but Horse falls over and suffers amnesia. They must find the tickets!

Big Wolf and Little Wolf is the second Belgian film awarded at Annecy Festival. Directed by Rémi Durin and produced by Les Films du Nord, the film received the Canal+ Young Audience Award.

Big Wolf lives happily alone under his tree until one day he sees a Little Wolf approaching who seems determined to keep him company. But, Big Wolf really likes the quiet life, at least, that's what he thought.

Around Pantin, D’un château l’autre received the Grand Prix at the 28th edition of the Festival Côté Court, a festival dedicated to short forms that caters to filmmakers and artists of today and tomorrow.

D’un château l’autre has been directed by Emmanuel Marre and produced by Michigan Films. Spring 2017, during the French presidential election. Pierre, 25 years old and on a scholarship for a prestigious Parisian School, is housed by Francine, who is 75, disabled and confined to her wheelchair. Both puzzled and disoriented, they witness the electoral fair that's playing out. Their political opinions and social backgrounds are opposite but they still confide in each other. While waiting for the polls verdict, Pierre tries to look after Francine's body while Francine tries to heal Pierre's resentment.

Last reward of the weekend, the Golden Swann of the Best Actor awarded to Bouli Lanners in Real Love by Claire Burger, during the 33rd edition of the Cabourg Film Festival held June 12th to 16th.

Since his wife walked out on the family, Mario has raised their two daughters on his own. Frida, 14, blames him for her mother leaving. Niki, 17, dreams of independence. Meanwhile, Mario waits for his wife to come home.