Press 17 JUL 2019

Four Belgian films selected for the Locarno Festival

This year’s 72nd Locarno Festival will play host to four Belgian films: one drama, one documentary and two short films.

Adoration, the third chapter in Fabrice du Welz’s Ardennes trilogy, will be screened at the prestigious Piazza Grande.

Synopsis: Paul is a 14 year-old boy. He lives with his mother in the private clinic of doctor Loisel, deeply hidden in the woods. Paul likes to roam the forest and observe nature. One day Gloria, a schizophrenic teenager of around fifteen years old, arrives. Paul falls in love immediately. There is an awkward love between the two children. Because Paul thinks that Gloria is in danger, he helps her escape. This is the beginning of a long journey that will take the two children to the heart of madness...

Adoration is produced by Panique! and co-produced by Savage Films, One Eyed, Scope, RTBF, Voo and BeTV. The film is supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel, Eurimages, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Wallimage, the Brussels-Capital Region, and the Belgian Federal Government’s Tax Shelter scheme. 

The film will be released in Belgium by Imagine Film Distribution and in France by The Jokers, and will be distributed worldwide by Memento Films.

Overseas, the second feature-length documentary by Sung-A Yoon, will compete in the Cineasti del Presente section.

Synopsis: In the Philippines, women get deployed abroad to work as domestic workers or nannies. In order to do so, they frequently leave their own children behind, before throwing themselves into the unknown. In one of the many training centres dedicated to domestic work that can be found in the Philippines, a group of trainees are getting ready to face both homesickness and the possible abuses lying ahead. During role playing exercises, they alternatively play both the roles of the employee and that of the employers. Bordering on fiction, “Overseas” brings to light the question of modern servitude in our globalised world, while emphasising these women’s determination, their sisterhood, and the strategies they find to face the ordeals that awaits them in the near future.

Overseas is produced by Iota Production and co-produced by Les Films de l’Oeil Sauvage, Clin d’Oeil Film, Michigan Films and CBA. The film is supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel, Casa Kafka Pictures, BETV and CANVAS.

The film is distributed worldwide by Cat & Docs.

Two Belgian short films will also compete in the international Pardi di domani section.
Manon Coubia, winner of the Pardino d’oro in 2016 for The Fullness of Time (Romance), makes her return to Locarno with Marée, another short film set in the mountains.

Synopsis: In the middle of deserted ski slopes, the night ride of snow groomers is about to start. A hypnotic ballet begins: snow machines tirelessly shaping the landscape. Suddenly, the mountain growls.

is produced by VOA Films, co-produced by El Films and Carthage Films (France), and supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel.

Also competing is Notre territoire, a short documentary by Mathieu Volpe.

Synopsis: When I got to Rignano, the Ghetto residents told me: “You mustn’t keep any trace of our lives here in these precarious houses. This despair is not yours to display.” The misery in the Ghetto is the first thing that struck me, the first thing I wanted to show.

Notre territoire is produced by Luna Blue Film, co-produced by Atelier cinéma – GSARA asbl, and supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel and the SCAM development aid grant scheme.

Lastly, The Girl with a Bracelet by Stéphane Demoustier is competing in the Feature Competition. The film is co-produced in Belgium by Frakas Production, and supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel.

Synopsis: 16-year-old Lise is accused of murdering her best friend. Her parents stand by her as naturally expected. But once in court, her secret life begins to unfold and the plot thickens. Who is Lise really? Do we really know the ones we love?

The Girl with a Bracelet is produced by Petit Film and distributed by Cinéart (Belgium), Le Pacte (France) and Charades (worldwide).

Founded in 1946, the Locarno Festival is one of the world’s longest-running film festivals. It takes place every summer in Locarno, in Swiss-speaking Switzerland. From the outset, the festival has sought to uncover new trends and has a track record of unearthing young film-makers who have gone one to become the leading lights of their generations. This year’s 72nd edition runs from 7 to 17 August 2019.