Press 10 SEP 2019

Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles takes the Little Giants of Animation to the Cartoon Forum

The 30th edition of the Cartoon Forum, taking place from 16 to 19 September in Toulouse, gives pride of place to the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and its animation professionals.

The Little Giants of Animation

The 30th edition of the Cartoon Forum, taking place from 16 to 19 September in Toulouse, gives pride of place to the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and its animation professionals. The leading European pitching marketplace and an unmissable event for animation co-production, the Cartoon Forum brings together a thousand professionals – broadcasters, investors, producers etc. – from 40 countries every year. Since its creation in 1990, 782 series have received a total of €2.7 billion of funding. This year, the Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel and Wallonie Bruxelles Images will be taking a delegation of professionals representing the production, studio, publishing, television and school sectors, together with regional support funds, to the forum under the banner of the Little Giants of Animation.

As Wallonia-Brussels has shown on many occasions that a small region can forge a large presence as an essential partner of European animation, thanks to the talent and dynamism of its professionals, the quality of its schools and the complementary nature of its support funds, the concept of the Little Giants of Animation was a natural choice.

Presentation of seven projects, 16 companies and studios

Over the three days of the Forum, seven French-language Belgian projects seeking international partners will be presented to the thousand participants – broadcasters, investors and co-producers – from 40 countries. They include the five series selected by the Créanimation call for projects, launched in 2018 by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and RTBF to develop animated series for children aged four to twelve, and two other projects for children.

Juliette & Jules is a music and sound series of 52 three-minute episodes aimed primarily at the very young (ages four to six). Juliette is a happy little girl, always cheerful, inventive and adventurous, who will stop at nothing to have fun with Jules, the ideal friend, who is always ready to follow her in her most hare-brained games. They have a close bond but their personalities are very different: Juliette laughs while Jules sometimes grumbles; Juliette is mischievous while Jules is more down-to-earth; Juliette runs ahead, fleet of foot, while Jules follows behind a little clumsily. Produced by Altitude 100, Juliette & Jules is a series created by the children's author and illustrator Chantal Peten, co-written with Stéphane Malandrin. The animation will be produced with ink drawings on paper.

A 2D computer-animated adventure series for ages six to eight, Léa & Jéré is a series in 52 x 13' format by Xavier Vairé (Lucas etc.), produced by Squarefish. Why does Léa always take her little brother with her on her adventures? He is afraid, he doesn't dare disobey… And why does he follow his big sister, even though he hates her superior ways and her daredevil side? It's all because of an "unfortunate incident", a "little mistake" by Jérémy that turned Léa into a small worm 15 centimetres long!

Produced by Thomas Secaz and Bruno Lorenzi from the Waooh! animation studio, the series Cander & Ladilash follows a duo of police officers, Cander and Ladilash, in their zany, knockabout investigations in a multicultural world city. Cander is a go-getter who always plunges into the action head first, while Ladilash thinks more carefully. The 2D series for ages eight to twelve plans 52 episodes of 13 minutes.

Toutmosis, the Smallest Pharaoh, will be a series of 26 episodes of 13 minutes. The story takes place in Egypt in the 15th century BC. When he died, the temperamental Pharaoh Toutmosis expected to reign for all eternity over the World of Walls, the hieroglyphic universe of his tomb. Instead, his soul is reincarnated by mistake… in the body of a child! Created by Tatiana Bertrand, the series is produced by La Belge Prod and aims to introduce children aged eight to twelve to Ancient Egypt.

Targeting children aged six to ten, La Grande Rêvasion is a 23-minute modern fable telling the story of the Chief, a kindly gentleman who would like to go out and see the world. But he doesn't dare, because he is afraid of the outside. Until the day when the world comes to him… Created by Rémi Durin and screenwriter Valérie Magis, La Grande Rêvasion will be a stop-motion animation produced by Kwassa Films.

Quinquin is a pre-school 2D series of 52 seven-minute episodes. It follows the peregrinations of Quinquin, a duck, saved from his fate as a pâté ingredient by the farmer's daughter, Adèle, who takes him on crazy adventures. Quinquin is produced by Beluga Jungle.

Finally, Les Marsupilamis presents the appealing character invented by Franquin, and his family, in a 3D format of 52 twelve-minute episodes. The project is being developed by Belvision.

The companies that will be present at the Cartoon Forum include the production houses Kiwiwho Production, Paniquel, Peyo Productions, Take Five and Toon You, the studios Enclume Animation, Mikros and Dreamwall, the publisher Casterman and RTBF. The professionals will be supported by the Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Wallonie-Bruxelles Images and the Wallimage and regional support funds.

Diverse sources of funding

The Cartoon Forum will also be an opportunity for the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles to present to European professionals the varied, complementary support mechanisms offered through cultural grants from the Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel, economic grants from the and Wallimage regional funds and the tax shelter and RTBF's children's programming.

Cartoon Tributes

Two players from Wallonia-Brussels are in the running for the Cartoon Tributes, which reward companies or personalities who have had a positive, dynamic influence on the European animation industry. RTBF (Ouftivi) will compete in the broadcaster of the year category, while Panique! is targeting the producer of the year title.

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