News 29 JAN 2020

Two Belgian films at the César du cinéma

The Académie des arts et techniques du cinéma awarding the César du cinéma since 1976 has revealed the nominees. In the international films section amongst seven films are two Belgian productions.

Le jeune Ahmed & Lola vers la mer

After its impressive selections in many festivals around the world and the prix de la mise en scène at the last edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Young Ahmed by Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne (Les Films du Fleuve) is continuing its journey by representing Belgium at the Nuit des César together with Lola vers la mer by Laurent Micheli (Wrong Men) in the international competition, facing five other films.

A Belgian teenager hatches a plot to kill his teacher after embracing an extremist interpretation of the Quran.
— Young Ahmed

Lola, 18 years old, bleach blonde hair, lives in a foster home with Samir, her only friend. Impulsive and lonely, she is trying to get her diploma as a veterinary assistant. When her mother passes away, her father Phillip makes sure that Lola will miss the ceremony. Two years before that, Philip was throwing her out of the family home: at the time, Lola was still Lionel - Philippe is determined to fulfill Catherine's last wish: to be dispersed to the North Sea, in the dunes of her childhood home. Lola on the other hand is furious against her father, but she will not leave her mother alone in this last journey. So they take off together, both unwilling to share a car but determined to take Catherine home.
— Lola vers la mer

Also, Giordano Gederlini, co-writer of the film Tueurs whose first feature film will be produced by Frakas Productions in 2020 has co-written Les misérables, nominated for best original screenplay.