News 13 FEB 2020

Two Wallonia-Brussels films at Cinéma du Réel

In 2020, two Wallonia-Brussels films will be at Cinéma du Réel in the international section. The films are two documentaries directed by the same co-directors and produced by the same company.

Cinéma du réel mixes documentaries, essay films and expiremental productions reflecting diversity of genres and cinematographic views of the World.

This year, the festival welcomes two films from Wallonia-Brussels in its international section. Don't Rush and Back to 2069, both co-directed by Élise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky and produced by Michigan Films.

Don't Rush

"Three young men, two brothers and their cousin, meet on a dense summer night to feel the "high" of a dozen "Hasiklidika" songs, Rebetiko songs from the beginning of the 20th century which celebrate the effects of Hashish. But beyond the pleasures of drugs, it is here question of love, joy and sadness, search for freedom and political commitment... Little by little yesterday's counter-culture, made out of poverty and violence, and built on the pains of exile, reverberates the one of today."
- Don't Rush

"Somewhere in the Aegean Sea lies an eroded island where a Homerian myth collides with the spirit of our virtualized times : Lemnos. There, a solitary man shapeshifts from argonaut to avatar experiencing different states of embodiment and disembodiment. Although he exiled himself from Athens to escape the crisis, past and future scenarios of conflict are gradually catching up on him. What appears to be a predictive fictional Odyssey is made of documentary footage that interweaves the drifter’s venture on the island with recorded Altis video-game sessions from Youtube."
- Back to 2069

Back to 2069