News 26 FEB 2020

Young Ahmed Conquered the American Press

Young Ahmed, the new film by Belgian directors the Dardenne brothers, was out in American theatres last Friday and the press is conquered.

On Friday the 21st of February 2020 Young Ahmed was out in American theatres. The new film of internationally recognised Belgian duo the Dardenne brothers is now out in the United States. After winning the Best Director Award at the 2019 festival de Cannes and having had a very successful festival career, it was time for Young Ahmed to be released in America where it the press was conquered by the magnificent work of the Belgian directors.

"Belgium’s Dardenne brothers turn out another precisely understated masterpiece… ultimately as humanistic and illuminating as any of their films."
— Godfrey Cheshire,

"The Dardenne brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc are known for their emotional slice-of-Belgian-life dramas, but none of their work can prepare you for gut-punch that is Young Ahmed." — Emily Kubincanek, Film School Rejects "A compact, gripping return to the directors’ nonprofessional roots… In the lead role, Ben Addi is yet another mesmerizing young discovery by the Belgian duo."
— Bradley Warren, The Playlist

"A wise and sensitive contribution to a timely debate."
— Dave Calhoun, Time Out

"Creat[es] a kind of gut-wrenching suspense that carries through the second half of the picture, right up till its very last scene.”
— Peter Dubruge, Variety

"Top-notch work from the Dardennes, filled with their usual bird’s-eye-view camerawork, solid acting from nonprofessionals and a searing screenplay which builds up the tension with every scene."
— Jordan Ruimy, World of Reel