News 27 FEB 2020

3 films from Wallonia-Brussels at CPH:DOX

CPH:DOX unvealed its selection and three films from Wallonia-Brussels are in the highlights.

Three films from Wallonia-Brussels have been selected at the important documentary film rendez-vous that is CPH:DOX. It is in the highlights section that you can find Overseas by Sung-A Yoon (Iota Production) in the Greatest Hits category, That Which Does Not Kill by Alexe Pouchkine (CVB) in the Justice category and In a Silent Way by Gwenaël Breës (Dérives, CBA) in the Sound & Vision category.

"In the Philippines, women get deployed abroad to work as domestic workers or nannies. In a learning center dedicated to the domestic work, several candidates prepare themselves for homesickness and for the abuses that they will possibly endure."
— Overseas

"Ada is 19. A man she knows invites her to dinner and she accepts. Everything goes so quickly. She doesn’t defend herself. Her genitals get torn, her mind is scattered. In spite or because of that, she goes back twice to confront this man. Her story intertwines with others, each one different, yet all the same – a nasty, insane and commonplace story."
— That Which Does Not Kill

That Which Does Not Kill