News 15 APR 2020

2 Belgian films at Hot Docs 2020

Hot Docs 2020 announced its official selection despite the current epidemic. Two Belgian films have been selected: Fadma, Even Ants Have Wings and After the Crossing.

The Canadian documentary film festival announced its official selection for its 2020 edition amongst which there is Fadma, Even Ants Have Wings by Jawad Rhalib (R&R Productions) in the "International Spectrum" category and the co-production After the Crossing by Joël Richmond Mathieu Akafou (Dancing Dog Productions) in the "World Showcase" category.

"In a little village where, like so many others, time seems to have stopped. It’s summertime, field work is scarce. So, the men are either seated in cafes or taking a nap while the women, cans in hand, children on their back, take a long walk to the source. An age-old order and an immutable division of labor … until the arrival of Fadma."

- Fadma, Even Ants Have Wings

"Touré Inza Junior made the crossing from the Ivory Coast to Italy. Restless, he dreams of France but everything seems to work against his hopes. Will he be able to make it there?"

- After the Crossing