News 21 APR 2020

First Belgian original Netflix series

Into the Night is the first Belgian original Netflix series and it is produced by Entre Chien et Loup.

The first Belgian original Netflixwill be available on May 1st. Intro the Night is a series produced by Entre Chien et Loupwith many Belgian actors: Pauline Etienne, Laurent Capelluto, Astrid Whettnall, Yassine Fadel, Jan Bijvoet, Babetida Sadjo, Nabil Mallat, Vincent Londez. The series is inspired by the Polish novel The Old Axolotl and is directed by Inti Calfat and Dirk Verheye.

"Into the Night tells the story about retaining humanity in the face of a cosmic disaster, as a flight departs Brussels."

- Into the Night