News 14 OCT 2020

2 films from Wallonia-Brussels at Paris Courts Devant

The 2020 Paris Courts Devant festival has unveiled its official selection. Two short films from Wallonia-Brussels are in selection: Brussels-Beirut and The Colour of Kings.

The Colour of Kings

The Paris Courts Devant short film festival returns for its 15th edition with an official selection in which there are two films co-produced in Wallonia-Brussels: Brussels-Beirut by Thibault Wholfahrt & Samir Youssef, co-produced by Frakas Productions, and The Color of Kings by Julien & Simon Dara, co-produced by Daylight Films.

« After living in Europe for several years, Ziad returns to visit his family in his North Lebanon hometown at the Syrian border. When he arrives, the tension is palpable. Ziad tries to reconnect with his family. However, the war he has been watching from afar for so long may have turned him into a stranger. »
- Brussels-Beirut

« Adel is a young airplane co-pilot. Following an agression, he is in danger of losing his eye. »
- The Colour of Kings

Paris Courts Devant will take place from November 24 to 29.