Press 11 AUG 2012

"Mobile Home" awarded at Locarno

Good news from Locarno for Belgian cinema : the Junior Jury Awards Second Prize - a prize awarded by members selected from the participants in the Cinema e Gioventù initiative - was awarded this Saturday evening to the film Mobile Home by the young Belgian director François Pirot.

Screened Saturday, 4 August, the first François Pirot's feature was greeted with enthusiasm by the press, the public and the film industry.

Produced by Tarantula Belgium and sold worldwide by Urban Distribution Intl, the Belgian et France releases are planned on August, 22nd and 29th.

Shooted in the Belgian Ardennes and Luxembourg, Mobile Home is about a beautiful friendship between two young men. After he left his job and girlfriend, Simon (Arthur Dupont) goes back to his small hometown where he gets back in touch with Julien (Guillaume Gouix), his old childhood friend. In theirs thirties, the both idle friends decide to reinvest an old teenage dream: to go away on the road and live on seasonal work. They buy a camping-car, but the outset is cancelled. Stood stock-still, another travel carries out which takes them on different roads.

Before his first feature, François Pirot was already scriptwriter. He co-writed Joachim Lafosse’s Élève libre and Nue Propriété. He also wrote several short films. Among these, Retraite was selected in many festivals and won prices.

An Estonian in Paris wins also a prize at Locarno

The Ecumenical Prize goes to the film An Estonian in Paris by the Estonian director Ilmar Raag.

Co-produced by La Parti, and supported by the 'Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel'. An Estonian in Paris focuses on the lives of two Estonian women whose paths meet in Paris : Anne (Laine Mägi) lives alone in Estonia. Her children have left home and after her mother’s death, her life has become meaningless.To escape loneliness, she accepts to go to Paris and take care of Frida (Jeanne Moreau), an old lady she does not know. On the other side, Frida lives in Paris. She is alone and rejects the help of nurses after she tried to commit suicide. Stephane is taking care of her but her bad temper make their relationship difficult. He asks Anne to come from Estonia to help him…

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