News 16 DEC 2020

La ressource humaine awarded at Festival Tous Courts

La ressource humaine, a film from Wallonia-Brussels, received the Prix du Jury Jeune at Festival Tous Courts in Aix-en-Provence, France.

On Saturday were announced the winners of the 38th edition of Festival Tous Courts. The short film La ressource humaine by Adriana da Fonseca received the Prix du Jury Jeune.

The film is produced by Kwassa Films, with the help of Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

"Camille, a sensitive, dreamy, and seemingly misfit young woman, has no choice : she must work. Nobody escapes the social rules very long. She is dropped overnight into the cruel and merciless world of business."
La ressource humaine