News 09 FEB 2021

A Belgian film at the Berlin Film Festival

The world premiere of Just a Movement by Vincent Meessen will be screened at the 2021 festival’s Forum section, the Berlinale announced on 9 February.

Vincent Meesen has worked at the point where art and research intersect for the last 15 years. His works project a poetic and polemic view of history through video, photography, or sound where the archive document is confronted by contemporary judgement usually in its original geographical context.

Whilst the name Omar Blondin Diop is synonymous with unpunished state crime in Senegal, his historical impact in France is above all as a militant Marxist who appeared in La Chinoise, a political thriller by Jean-Luc Godard. He is remembered in Dakar today by his brothers and friends, while the local youth are engaged in their own way in the China-Africa relations of today.

Just a Movement is produced by Thank You and Good Night Productions with the support of the Cinema and Audiovisual Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

A Berlin film festival in two stages.

The German film Festival has had to adapt to the conditions of the pandemic and the 2021 festival will be held in two stages. The first, online stage will be from 1-5 March and will be reserved for professionals and the industry. Th