News 11 SEP 2012

European Film Awards 2012

One French-speaking Belgian films, and five coproductions, are in the European Film Awards Selection 2012.

The European Film Awards annually honour the greatest achievements in European cinema. Voted for by the members of the European Film Academy, over 2,500 filmmakers from across Europe, the awards are presented in a total of 17 categories.

There are 47 films in this year’s EFA Selection. With 31 countries represented, the list once again illustrates the great diversity in European cinema. The selected films also cover a wide range of genres and themes.

Films from Wallonia-Brussels selected:

Our Children
by Joachim Lafosse (Versus Production)
Beyond The Hills by Cristian Mungiu (coproduced by les Films du Fleuve)
Come As You Are by Geoffrey Enthoven (coproduced by K2 Group)
Rust and Bone by Jacques Audiard (coproduced by les Films du Fleuve)
The Angel's Share by Ken Loach (coproduced by les Films du Fleuve)
The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears by Teona Strugar Mitevska (coproduced by Entre Chien et Loup)