Press 03 APR 2012

Over one million entries for The Kid with the Bike

Ten months after its 2011 Cannes Film Festival world premiere, Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne’s The Kid with the Bike has now totalled 1.3 million entries at the box office, confirming not only the Liège brothers’ world renown, but also their strong international commercial potential, making it the strongest Belgian film at the box office in 2011 (released in 27 territories).

Moreover, the film received unprecedented international press coverage, especially in the Anglo-Saxon press. Several US newspapers and film magazines, such as The New Yorker, Art Info and the Film Journal, paid special attention to the Dardennes on the occasion of the film’s US theatrical release March 16th (IFC). Writer Bret Easton Ellis tweeted: “The Kid with a Bike is incredibly moving. It is their masterpiece”.
On the occasion of the film’s UK release March 23rd (Artificial Eye), British Film Institute’s highly reputed Sight & Sound devoted several pages to the film and the brothers’ work, while The Guardian and The Financial Times praise the film’s exceptional quality. Other theatrical releases are scheduled March 23 in Rumania (Independenta Film 97 SRL), and April 1st in Denmark (Øst for Paradis) and Turkey (Yeni Bir Film Ldt).