News 25 OCT 2012

RIDM 2012: films selected

Three Belgian French-speaking documentaries will be screened at RIDM, Montreal International Documentary Festival, from 7 to 18 November.


Co-produced by the Dardenne brothers Summer with Anton by Jasna Krajinovic is about Anton Belakov, 12 years old. For any boy his age, summer should be a time of new experiences, discoveries and fun. But like 60% of Russian children, Anton has decided to spend the summer at the Kaskad school, a military boot camp like countless others that have sprung up since Putin’s rise to power. Physical conditioning, prayer, barracks banter, weapons training, anti-Chechen propaganda sessions: filmmaker takes an unflinching look at youth being moulded for war.


Tea or electricity by Jérôme Le Maire, produced buy Iota, tells us how a revolutionary invention finally reaches a remote village in the Atlas Mountains: electricity is about to flow for the first time. There is still a road to be built, and the villagers bravely put their backs into speeding up the work. Do they know what awaits inside Pandora’s box? The filmmaker who brought us Où est l’amour dans la palmeraie? (RIDM 2007) gives a lesson in humility through the deeply engaging villagers we meet.


Une délégation de très haut niveau by Philippe Dutilleul. Produced by RTBF and made for Belgian television, this caustic documentary is a blow-by-blow account of a Belgian parliamentary delegation’s official visit to North Korea at the turn of the millennium. Led by a deputy whose myopia beggars belief, the group piles up pointless meetings and ludicrous tours (like a visit to a museum of technology showcasing pianos). As they quickly discover that their “visit” will be rigidly controlled and censored, the delegates surrender to their hosts’ absurd protocols, becoming thoroughly docile and uttering nothing but vapid platitudes.