Press 25 OCT 2012

CINEMANIA: Focus on Belgian Cinema

CINEMANIA 2012 focuses on Belgian Francophone cinema, which over the last decade has enjoyed a remarkable resurgence in creative energy.

On Monday, November 5th, at 2:50PM until and including the last screening at 9:05PM, CINEMANIA presents 4 Belgian films, all north American premieres and all by first-time directors. It's an opportunity to experience the bold Belgian cinematic landscape as epitomized by young directors striving to achieve new frontiers in filmmaking.

The Festival is pleased to welcome two multi-talented filmmakers who are the ambassadors of their country's fresh and original approach to movie-making - Leila Albayaty and Patrick Ridremont.

Leila Albayaty will be present to introduce Berlin Telegram, a poetic and avant-garde urban journey and one woman's musical and creative epiphany in the aftermath of a break-up - she's director, star, screenwriter, composer, singer and film-editor! Her Belgian confrere, comic and satirist Patrick Ridremont, will introduce his Dead Man Talking, the story of a man sentenced to death who, as a way of delaying his execution, speaks endlessly before a court. Ridremont's black humour threads its way between madcap burlesque and that of a One Man Show - the director also directs, scripts and stars in his movie.

Two other films round out the FOCUS ON BELGIAN CINEMA: Mobile Home, the first "stationary road-movie" in Belgian film history features two thirty-somethings who seek adventure, and, Le Sac de Farine (The Bag of Flour), a touching story of a young Moroccan girl kidnapped from a Belgian orphanage and forcibly returned to the far reaches of Morocco.

Among several other events, as a part of the FOCUS ON BELGIAN CINEMA, CINEMANIA will organize a contest. The Festival will offer a chance to win a collectors publication of 10/10, a series of interviews and photo portraiture of ten celebrated Belgian filmmakers, written by Boyd van Hoeij and Fabrezio Maltese.

In collaboration with La Délégation Wallonie-Bruxelles à Québec and WBImages.

(Source : Guilhem Caillard - Festival CINEMANIA)