News 27 OCT 2012

2 prizes for Ernest & Célestine at Cinekid

The jury prize and the public prize for the Best International Film for Children was awarded on Friday October 26 to Ernest & Célestine by Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar and Benjamin Renner.

Ernest & Célestine is the second feature by Aubier and Patar, co-directed with the French Benjamin Renner.

This is the story of a friendship between a small mouse who didn’t want to become a dentist and a great big bear who didn’t want to become a notary. The bear Ernest lives on the margins. His nose is stuffed up and his stomach empty. He searches through the trash for a little something to eat. Just as he is getting ready to shove his mouth full of whatever he can get his hands on, he hears a cry ring out: “Stoppppp!”. The little mouse that he was going to swallow begs him: “If you don’t eat me, I’ll give you what you love most in this world! And it will be better for your health than this garbage.” This is how Celestine, in trying to save her own life, will turn Ernest’s completely upside down. From these unhappy circumstances, a friendship will develop, a friendship that the world of mice (the world down below) and the world of bears (the world up above) will struggle to prevent, in vain: Ernest and Celestine will overcome all prejudices.

The film produced in Belgium by La Parti Production, will be released in Belgium (Cinéart) on December 19, 2012. StudioCanal also manages the international sales.