Press 19 MAR 2013

CCA leading partner in French speaking Belgian cinema

Press release: Annual report of 2012’s audiovisual production

photo @auroredierick

With new films by Abel & Gordon (Lost in Paris), Lucas Belvaux (Pas son genre), Alain Berliner (La dictature des sentiments), Yolande Moreau (Henri) and other prominent and talented French speaking Belgian filmmakers in the pipeline, the future looks bright for filmmaking in French speaking Belgium.
The diversity and sustained quality of the films – shorts, features, documentaries, television drama, experimental productions – which were selected and supported by the Walloon-Brussels Federation in 2012, undeniably confirm the effervescence and vitality of its audiovisual production, despite the crisis.
The Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel, which actively participates in the making of the films – from the writing to the production stage and from promotion to distribution – and which presented its annual report on March 19 to the sector once more confirms its leading role in French speaking Belgian filmmaking.
In 2012, audiovisual production in French speaking Belgium disposed of a 23.2 million Euro envelope, 60% (13.8 million) coming from the Walloon-Brussels Federation, 40% (9.3 million) contributed by broadcasters and distributors (RTBF, BeTV, Voo, Belgacom…).

26 features in production
With a steady envelope of some 10.3 million Euro, the film selection commission, which was entirely renewed in September last year, discussed 485 projects to select a total of 139 in all segments of production for government support.
That support notably consisted of script support for 20 feature-length projects and production support for 26 features. The Federation also granted financial support to 28 short films, 50 documentaries, 7 television dramas and 8 experimental films (Film Lab). Moreover five web-based fiction and documentary projects received 125,000 Euro support. The production workshops and film schools, which received 1.5 million Euro government support, completed no less than 157 films, all genres and formats included.

CCA, Leading partner in Belgian majority productions
The Centre du Cinéma was the leading partner in 11 French speaking Belgian majority films – out of the 37 feature-length films which were recognized as Belgian in 2012. The contribution added up to 36.1% of the Belgian production budget, against 20.9% tax shelter finance and 17.9% producer’s investment.
It is also worthwhile mentioning that the Centre du Cinéma granted 179 audiovisual works the status of European production qualifying for Belgian tax shelter investment, raising about 93.7 million Euro private investment in the Walloon-Brussels Federation.

1.6 million attendances
In its constant endeavour to promote the films in the international market and to sensibilize Belgian audiences for the films, the Centre du Cinéma invested a record amount of 792,000 Euro (27% increase) in the promotion of 28 features and 30 short and medium-length films.
French speaking Belgian films collected over 130 prizes and awards at international festivals (4 at the Cannes and 2 at the Venice Film Festival) and attracted over 1.6 million spectators to cinemas in Belgium and France – their primary market.
The Walloon-Brussels Federation also gave financial support to 20 festivals, 3 distribution companies, 10 cinemas and 1 VOD platform for a total amount of 1.5 million Euro. As stipulated in the new Cinema Decree, the new commission is now in charge of support to audiovisual operators. In June, the commission selected 44 operators (including production workshops and schools) for a total amount of just over 3 million Euro.