Press 27 MAY 2013

Wallonia-Brussels Film Fund to support 46 new film projects

46 films currently in their writing, development or production stage, will receive financial support from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation for a total amount of over 3.5 million Euro.

The Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel will support 15 feature-length fiction films, 11 short films, 18 documentaries and 2 experimental «film labs». Eye-catchers among the selected projects are new feature-length films by Joachim Lafosse, Thomas De Thier, Yves & Olivier Ringer and a documentary by Annick Ghijzelings.

After the huge success of À perdre la raison (Our children) at the Cannes Film Festival and the Magritte awards for Belgian cinema, filmmaker Joachim Lafosse now takes a closer look at the “Arche de Zoé” case, the French association which in October 2007 tried to bring over 103 children into France from Chad, pretending they were war orphans from Darfour. Les Chevaliers blancs (The White Knights), the young filmmaker’s sixth feature-length film, is a Versus Production in co-production with French “Films du Worso”. Shooting is expected to start January 2014.

Thomas De Thier also makes his comeback behind the camera. After Le goût des myrtilles, Déluge is a fable denouncing the invisible enemy commonly known as « (the logic of) the system ». Still under the spell of the world of children, Olivier and Yves Ringer’s Les Oiseaux de Passage tells about the adventures of two little girls who set out on a journey to save a water bird. The Centre du Cinéma also supports short film makers Iao Lethem (Le mari de la marraine), Antoine Cuypers (Préjudice), Jean-Julien Colette and Olivier Tollet (Rabbits) in their change-over to feature-length filmmaking.

Annick Ghijzelings’ documentary Les Jours où tombe la neige sont froids en vérité (Snowy days are really cold), on the other hand, depicts and explores the collective memory of the Polynesians who worked at the French army’s nuclear experimentation sites for thirty years, paying a heavy price: physical mutations, loss of lives and identity.

The Federation’s support for these projects has been ratified by audiovisual affairs minister Fadila Laanan on the proposal of the film selection commission after its first selection round of March this year.