News 04 JUN 2013

Double Room in Palm Springs

In official selection, Double Room by Mathieu Mortelmans will be premiered at the 19th Palm Springs International ShortFest in USA.

Since April, the film has been selected in many festivals beginning his career with the BIFFF (Brussels) where he won 3 prizes :
- Silver Méliès 2013 for Best short film that gives the opportunity to be in competition to the Golden Méliès during the International Fantastic Film Festival in Sitgès (Spain)
- Young Audience Award for Best Short Film
- SABAM Award for Best Short Film.

Double room has also received the BeTv Best Short Film Award during the last Brussels Short Film Festival.

Finally, the film has been selected in official selection at the next Edinburgh Short Film Festival.

Synopsis : Gilles is a doctor. After a procedure, in the middle of the night he ends up in a small hotel in a downtown area. As soon as Gilles enters his room, the hotel receptionist knocks on his door and asks Gilles to help care for a young woman who was badly beaten…