Press 17 JUL 2013

Two world premieres from Wallonia-Brussels at Locarno

Locarno July 17 : press conference of the 66th Locarno International Film festival: long awaited second feature by Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani, The strange color of your body’s tears selected in competition and Sam Garbarski’s Vijay and I to be part of the Piazza Grande programme.

Four years after their revelation Amer (more than 80 festivals and about ten prizes, added to his personal list of Top-20 films by Quentin Tarantino in 2010) Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani are back in business with their new film enigmatically titled The strange color of your body’s tears and right up ‘giallo’ aficionados’ alley ! The strange color of your body’s tears tells the story of the disappearance of a woman and of her husband’s inquiry into the odd circumstances of her disappearance. Has she walked out on him ? Is she dead ? As his inquiry moves forward, he is plunged deeper and deeper into a nightmarish and violent world…
This Anonymes Films / Tobina Film production, co-produced with Epidemic, Red Lion and Mollywood, will world premiere in competition on August 12.
The film, made with the support of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, is sold internationally by BAC Films. Release in France (Shellac), Belgium (Numéro Zéro) and the UK (Metrodome), is scheduled 2014.

The strange color of your body’s tears

This English language film with an internationally renowned cast headed by Patricia Arquette (True Romance, Lost Highway, Human Nature) and Moritz Bleibtreu (Run Lola, Run, Munich, Soul Kitchen), tells the story of Will, an actor who has been wasting his talent on a New York children’s television series in which he features as ‘Bad Luck Bunny’, an unfortunate green rabbit. It is a situation his congenital sense of self-irony will eventually bring him to conclusions. But when he senses his wife, his daughter and his friends all ignore his fortieth birthday, he gets into a fit of anger.
A misunderstanding causes everyone to believe he has died in a car accident. But rather than revealing the truth, he decides to make an old dream come true : attending his own funeral, he will, at last, find out what people really think of him…

This uplifting comedy will be world-premiered on the Locarno’s Piazza Grande open air screenings, in the presence of some 8,000 spectators.
Vijay and I is the Belgian director’s fourth feature-length film, after Le Tango des Rashevski (2003), Irina Palm (2007) and Quartier lointain (2010). The film, made with the support of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and Wallimage, is an Entre Chien et Loup - Samsa Film - Pandora Filmproduktion and RTBF co-production. International sales are handled by The Match Factory. The film is scheduled for release in Germany September 5 by Senator Film and in Switzerland by Xenix. Imagine Film Distribution’s Belgian release is scheduled September 18.

Vijay and I

We also mention Rémi Allier’s Zinneke, an IAD graduation film which was selected in the « Pardi di domani » section, a reputed programme section for first short films. Joachim Lafosse, Olivier Masset-Depasse and David Lambert had their first short films shown here, too.


The Locarno International Film Festival is one of Europe’s oldest film festivals. Established in 1946, it celebrates the “cinema d’auteur” with films by new and young filmmakers. The festival is located on the banks of Lago Maggiore in the Italian-Swiss city of Locarno in August. It is recognized by the International Federation of Film Producer’s Associations (IFFPA) as one of the thirteen « competitive festivals », along with Cannes, Venice and Berlin. Throughout its long existence, the festival has launched new filmmakers, many of whom became household names in international cinema, among whom – to name but a few - Claude Chabrol, Paul Verhoeven, Raul Ruiz, Jim Jarmusch, Gus van Sant and Stanley Kubrick.
The Locarno Film Festival is also renowned for its unique and prestigious open air screenings at the city’s Piazza Grande, which accommodates some 8,000 spectators. Last year’s Piazza Grande witnessed the European premiere screenings of films such as Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike, Leslye Headland’s Bachelorette and Noémie Lvovsky’s Camille redouble. The latest Belgian film to feature at the Piazza Grand was Lucas Belvaux’ La raison du plus faible in 2006.