News 13 SEP 2013

"L’Année Prochaine", Vania Leturcq’s first feature

Vania Leturcq begins the filming of her first feature, with Constance Rousseau and Jenna Thiam, produced by Hélicotronc.

Director Vania Leturcq, whom we discovered with her short films L. (2006), L’Eté (2009) and La Maison (2011), is about to begin the filming of her first feature. L’Année Prochaine follows Aude and Clotilde, 18 years old, who have been friends forever. After childhood, adolescence, and when summer arrives, so do great decisions: not only do the two friends wonder about what they are going to do, but also where and with whom. Clotilde dreams of leaving her small rural town, and she drags Aude with her. But they will not find what they expected in Paris, and this fresh start might be the beginning of the end of their friendship.
To play the two friends, Vania Leturcq chose Constance Rousseau and Jenna Thiam. Discovered in 2007 in All Is Forgiven by Mia Hansen-Love, Constance Rousseau combines her career as a young actress with her literary studies. She was seen recently in Un monde sans femmes by Guillaume Brac. As for Jenna Thiam, a former model, she began in TV series such as Clem and R.I.S. Police Scientifique, and became famous last year with the first season of Les Revenants. She will soon be in the cast of the next film by Lelouch. They will be surrounded by Julien Boisselier (Don't worry, I'm fine), Kevin Azaïs (La Journée de la Jupe), Frédéric Pierrot (Populaire and Les Revenants), and Belgian actresses Aylin Yay and Anne Coesens.

Hélicotronc, which has been by Vania Leturcq’s side since her first short film, will produce the feature in collaboration with Offshore (France), and with the backing of the CCA and the RTBF, for a budget slightly under 900,000 €. L’Année Prochaine will be distributed in France by Zelig. The filming will take place in Alsace from September 15 to October 22.