Press 23 OCT 2013

Beyond Icebergland to compete in Rome

Latest film by Xavier Christiaens to world premiere at the 8th Rome International Film Festival.

Following Le goût du Koumiz (2003) and La chamelle blanche (2006) Belgian filmmaker Xavier Christiaens completes his trilogy with Beyond Icebergland. In this third and final part, he once again sets out into a imaginary journey into the heart of the Cold War, departing from the famous poem “Iniji” by Belgian surrealist poet Henri Michaux, which opens on the following lines: « Ne peut plus, Iniji / Obstacles sur la route d’Iniji / Rives reculent / Socles s’enfoncent / Monde. Plus de Monde / seulement l’amalgame / Les pierres ne savent plus être des pierres / parmi tous les lits sur terre / Où est le lit d’Iniji ? »

This enigmatic, incandescent work in which the future challenges the past, will start its world tour in Rome, where it will world premiere in the festival’s official “CinemaXXI” competition. ‘CinemaXXI’ was launched in 2012 by new festival director Marco Muller (ex-Venice, and formerly Locarno). It is a section dedicated to new tendencies in world cinema. The jury, presided by Larry Clark, will have to choose between 18 films – all world premieres.

This Ostrov Films production was made with the support of the Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels and is a co-production with Wallonie Image Production.

The 8th Rome International Film Festival is scheduled 8 to 17 November 2013.