Press 02 DEC 2013

10 TV series projects to charm French speaking Belgian audiences

Ten French-speaking Belgian television series projects have just rounded the cape of the first selection for support by the FWB-RTBF Fund, a joint RTBF and the Federation Wallonia-Brussels venture launched in July earlier this year to support the development of a sustained and consistent offer of a variety of French-speaking Belgian fiction series for public television. Each project will receive €48,000 development support to elaborate a « bible » prior to the writing of the different episodes.

Detective and crime, political thriller, social drama, fantastic thriller or screwball comedy – the scriptwriters’ imagination has been in top gear with attractive ideas which reflect our French-speaking Belgian identity and which will keep general audiences glued to the screen. During the following months, a script workshop will be devoted to the development of the overall concepts, the plots and characters for the various instalments.

The 10 projects selected for development support (title, script, director, production company) are:

La chorale, by Jean-Marc and Christophe Vervoort, Gabrille Borile and Kadija Leclere (La Cie Cinématographique):
Invisibles, by Pierre Puget and Mehdi Husain (BE-Films) ;
Au nom du fisc, by Olivier Prieur and Harry Cleven (Climax Films) ;
Gardes à vue, by Pierre Penneman and Patrick Delperdange (Fontana) ;
La trêve, by Stéphane Bergmans, Benjamin d’Aoust and Matthieu Donck (Hélicotronc) ;
Plus belge la vie, by Laurence Bibot (Kings Entertainment) ;
Condominium, by Julien Gras-Payen and Aurélia Morali (Need Productions) ;
Ennemi public, by Antoine Bours, Matthieu Frances, Christopher Yates and Gilles de Voghel (Playtime Films) ;
Elisa Granel, by Luc Jabon and Stefan Liberski (Stromboli Pictures) ;
Koufar, by Erwan Augoyard, Sophie Kovess-Brun and Taylan Barman (To Do Today Productions).

The ‘bible’ developed on the basis of these ten projects (dialog script of the first episode, synopsis of the following episodes and estimated budget) will be the main guideline for the FWB-RTBF Fund’s second selection of a maximum of six projects for further script and development support as well as a pilot. These pilots will determine which four series will eventually enter production. In the long run, the target is to produce about forty episodes annually, i.e. four ten-episode series for prime time on RTBF television.

The “Fonds FWB-RTBF” is a joint Federation Wallonia-Brussels – RTBF venture, for which the Federation and RTBF will jointly mobilize just under 15 million Euro in four years (2014-2017) to encourage the production of recognizably French-speaking Belgian popular television series.

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