News 13 DEC 2013

Anne Frank by Ari Folman

Ambitious adaptation project for the Diary of Anne Frank, led by Israeli director Ari Folman and Belgian producer Diana Elbaum.

Producer Diana Elbaum (Entre Chien et Loup) is gearing up for an international project for 2014: an animated adaptation for the general public of the Diary of Anne Frank. The Belgian producer thus continues her collaboration with Israeli director Ari Folman, for whom she recently produced The Congress, presented last May in Cannes. In order to complete this work, Ari Folman will have access to all the archives gathered by the Anne Frank Fund, be it in the headquarters in Basel or branches abroad.

This is obviously not the first time the young woman’s story has been brought to the screen. Twentieth Century Fox already focused on this incredible destiny in 1959, trusting George Stevens (Giant, A Place in the Sun) with the directing. There are also numerous television films and series. It is however the first time that an experienced author-director takes on the challenge. After having dealt with the 1982 Lebanese war in Waltz with Bashir, Ari Folman is thus once again tackling world history – and not just any history – always using animation. It is nevertheless a turning-point in his career as this is about delivering a family film for the general public.

 For the occasion, Entre Chien et Loup and Bridgit Folman Film Gang have co-founded a new company (Belgian), Purple Whale Films. Production will begin early in 2014. Given the nature and ambition of the project, Purple Whale Films shouldn’t struggle to find international co-production partners. The film is also a clear candidate for many Belgian funds open to international co-productions. We can notably mention the Tax Shelter of course, but also regional funds like Wallimage or Screen Flanders. As for The Congress, a good portion of the animation could also be done in Belgium.