Press 09 JAN 2014

3 productions from Wallonia Brussels at FIPA 2014

The FIPA (festival international of audivisual production of Biarritz) has revealed the selection of its 27th edition which will be held January 21-26.

3 productions from Wallonia-Brussels will be presented on this occasion.

In competition (Grand Reportage section) AIDependence by the young journalist-director Alice Smeets (produced by Neophileas and WIP) will break stereotypes about aid, non-governmental organizations “NGOs” and a life in poverty. Using the example of Haiti, the country with the most NGOs per capital, the documentary shows that good intentions aren’t always good enough..


In the same section but out of competition, Rwanda l’enquête manipulée by Philippe Lorsignol (produce by AT-Prod) will investigate the origins of the rwandese genocide. Did the counterterrorism Judge Bruguiere manipulate his investigation for the assassination of Rwandan President Habyarimana in 1994? Did the State reason suppresse the truth about this attack, which has been the cause of the terrible genocide of the Tutsis? These are the questions that the film will try to answer after the release of an expertise that destroys the “certainties” of Judge Bruguiere.

In the Creative Documentary section, Ines Rabadan will propose Karaoké domestique, an impressive acting performance on domestic work : in every house, someone has to tidy, do the washing and clean. But who ?

This year edition will pay tribute to Brussels school INSAS through a selection of shorts.

FIPA will also be the occasion for the RTBF and Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles to present their new fund for TV series.

Since 1987, the FIPA defends all genres of audiovisual creation : fiction, series, documentary, reportage, music and spectacles. Observatory of the international audiovisual creation, the FIPA aims to reveal innovative, originals and free programs.