News 30 JUL 2014

Alleluia in Toronto Film Festival

Fabrice du Welz's movie will be presented in the Vanguard section of the famous canadian festival. 

After its selection in Cannes, Alleluia will be presented at another prestigious festival: Toronto International Film Festival. 

Fabrice du Welz's movie has been selected in the Vanguard section, dedicated to "provocative, sexy... possibly dangerous" cinema. Alleluia is a free adaptation of an American ‘fait divers’ better known as « the Lonely Hearts Killers» that takes us along the meanders of a destructive passion. The couple will be performed by Laurent Lucas et Lola Dueñas.

Another belgian film has also been selected in the festival.

Waste Land, directed by Pieter Van Heest and coproduced by Entre Chien et Loup will be presented also in the Vanguard section. In this psychological thriller, Jérémie Rénier will interpret a Brussels homicide cop who begins to lose control of his life as he tries to solve a bizarre murder.