Press 13 AUG 2014

French-speaking Belgian cinema goes for Canada

No Les than 10 films supported by the Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel will premiere at Toronto international Film Festival ans World Film Festival of Montreal.

Major event in North America, TIFF will propose 4 French-speaking Belgian Films. Tokyo Fiancée, third feature from director Stefan Liberski, produced by Versus Production and sold by Films Distribution will world premiere in Contemporary World Cinema section. Canadian audience will discover Young Belgian actress Pauline Etienne (The Nun) int this pop adaptation of Amélie Nothomb’s bestseller Ni d’Eve ni d’Adam. Same section, produced by Artémis Productions and sold worlwide by Films Distribution, Not my type by Lucas Belvaux, staring Belgian actress Emilie Duquenne, will make its North American premiere after a successful release in France and Belgium.

Acclaimed at Cannes Film Festival Two days, one night by Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne andAlleluia by Fabrice du Welz will be part of the game. Two days, produced by Les Films du Fleuve and handled by Mongrel Media (Canada) and Wild Bunch (Worlwide) will be the object of a Special Presentation while Alleluia will be presented in the Vanguards section dedicated to « provocative, sexy… possibly dangerous » works. In the Contemporary World Cinema section Canadian audience will also discover the Greek-Belgian coproduction Xenia by Panos H. Koutras. 

Before TIFF, the World Film Festival of Montreal will present 6 French-speaking Belgian productions: 3 features and 3 shorts.

In the Official Competition, Melody by Bernard Bellefroid should be a strong contender for the Grand Prix des Americas. Produced By Artémis Productions and handled wolrdwide by Doc & Film, the second feature by Belgian director after The boatrace (2011) explores the complex Relationship between a surrogate mother and her « client ».

Two female debuts will also premiere in Montreal. In the First Films World Competition, Next year by Vania Leturcq, produced by Hélicotronc, tells the story of Clotilde and Aude friendship, just before their big jump in adulthood. In the Focus on World Cinema section, All cats are grey by Savina Dellicour, produced by Tarantula Belgium and handled by Brussels based Be For Films stars Bouli Lanners in the role of a private detective investigating on the case of his biological daughter.

On the documentary front, a debut film by Angelos Rallis and Hans-Ullrich Gössl, A place for everyone, produced by AJC ! is selected. The film follows young Hutus and Tutsis living their lives in modern Rwanda.

Finally, 3 shorts will be presented: Taxistop by Marie Enthoven, Forest by Samuel Feller and The being from elsewhere by Renaud de Putter and Guy Bordin.