News 29 AUG 2014

A crossmedia format from Wallonia Brussels goes international

“1001 Passions”, winner of the Best European Cross Media Format Award at the latest La Rochelle Festival, will be distributed by the Butterfish Group during forthcoming MIPCOM.

This format, created by ShareBox and successfully developed on French-speaking Belgian public broadcaster La DEUX (RTBF), which lends itself to television broadcast, radio broadcast, a web platform as well as a mobile application, has already been acquired by France, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

“1001 Passions” is a cross-media format developed around a website ( or – for Belgium :, a television broadcast and a mobile application which allows anonymous participants to share their passion. The programme, which was launched as “1001 Belgians” earlier this year in February, is first of all a television broadcast, produced by RTBF and aired each Sunday on RTBF’s second channel (la Deux).

The programme intends to offer thousands of Belgians an opportunity to get in touch with people with whom they can share their passion, be it pastries, do-it-yourself, music… Every week the broadcast pays a visit to an unknown individual who has a certain passion.He becomes the central character of the broadcast with an interview and a workshop. From there on, Vivacité radio takes over the programme.

This “360” format obviously brings the general public and the broadcaster closer to one another. « We want to help people open the doors of their house, open their drawers and cupboards, let their children’s heart speak and grant strangers access to what drives and inspires them: their passion », Sharebox’s director Thierry Huart summarizes.

The pursuit of the creation of networks of thousands of passionate people is also given shape in a web platform and a mobile application focusing on creative participation in practical workshops (jewellery design, initiation courses Flamenco etc…). With its flexible adaptability for each medium, its universal subjects and its capacity to build communities, “1001 Passions” has everything it needs to appeal the largest possible number of people and to attract broadcasters’ attention all across the globe.

'1001 Passions’ major asset for broadcasters is that it generates a considerable and important community, the members of which creatively participate in workshops on a daily basis. The web platform offers the passionate individual an opportunity to share his passion with others and general audiences are given the chance to discover those passions during the organized workshops.

Under Wallonie Bruxelles Images’ umbrella, the Butterfish Group and ShareBox will attend forthcoming MIPCOM in Cannes, the world’s most prominent television market event scheduled October 13 to 16.

Whoever wishes to view a full broadcast or arrange a meeting with the team, is requested to send a mail to

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