Press 14 MAY 2012

Film Selection Commission : First round 2012

Production support for Alain Berliner, Diego Martinez Vignatti, Philippe de Pierpont, Bernard Bellefroid and Dominique Laroche. Script support for Patar & Aubier and Matthieu Donck.

Culture and Audiovisual Affairs Minister Fadila Laanan approved the recommendations of the first session of the Walloon-Brussels Film Selection Commission: the commission gave a go for script or production support for 15 feature-length films, production support for 7 short and 4 experimental films, as well as development or production support for 12 documentaries, for a total amount of 3,878,000 Euro.

Among the selected features are new projects by Alain Berliner, Diego Martinez Vignatti, Bernard Bellefroid, Philippe de Pierpont and Dominique Laroche.

Following My Life in Pink and Gone for a Dance Alain Berliner is currently working on a new film: La dictature des sentiments, the story of the attractive and self-assured young banker Romain and his struggle to reconcile his lust for adventure with his amorous commitments. The WFE production starring Laura Morante, Gaspard Proust and François Berléand, is about love, living as a couple and lust as well as appearances and deceit. Expected for 2013.

With his third feature La tierra roja - following La Marea and La Cantante de Tango, Diego Martinez Vignatti deals with the calamitous health situation in Argentina as a result of unbridled exploitation of the soil and the pollution of surface waters and rivers in a story about ecology and the struggle of one man and a small community for dignity. Shooting of this Entre Chien et Loup production is scheduled September.

Following his successful debut She is not crying, she’s singing (Elle ne pleure pas, elle chante) (Magritte for best actress) Philippe de Pierpont will be back in 2013 with Happy Days (Iota Productions), again a coming of age story about adolescents taking awful risks and yet managing to get through somehow or other. Shooting is to start March 2013.

Three years after The Boat Race Bernard Bellefroid’s Melody (Artémis Productions) deals with the ties that bind mother and child. In order to escape from abject poverty, Melody accepts surrogacy for another woman, Emily, in exchange for a huge sum of money.

Dominique Laroche’s debut feature Bici is also about adolescence and love. This Versus Production tells the story of a chubby 17-year old singer who is willing to sacrifice everything to save her secret love. Shooting is to start in June.

Loony animation and committed documentaries 2013 will mark the writing of new projects by Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier (PicPic André Shoow) and Matthieu Donck (East). Among the documentaries approved for development or production support are Bénédicte Liénard’s De miel et de charbon and Alain de Halleux’s Fukushima 4 Ever.

Following their highly particular animation films A Town Called Panic (2009) and Ernest and Celestine (Directors Fortnight Cannes 2012 – release Dec. 2012) Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier pick up the thread of their PicPic André Shoow (La Parti Production). PicPic and André, the first characters in Patar and Aubier’s weird bestiary, will make their feature debut in a film in which the duo will yet again unleash their loony and weird universe. Completion expected in two years.

Much like Torpedo Matthieu Doncks’s second feature East will be comedy. Bored with their dull and dead-end lives, quadragenarians Eric and Michel accept to travel to Byelorussia to pick up a kidney in exchange for a huge amount of money. But things do not quite go as expected...

Bénédicte Liénard’s De miel et de charbon is a sequel to her autobiographical documentary D’arbres et de charbon (Tarantula), in which she tells the story of a grove planted on the site of a deserted coalmine in the Borinage several generations of her family used to take care of.

Alain de Halleux’s latest film is also fully in keeping with his previous films Nucléaire: rien à signaler and Chernobyl 4 Ever. In Fukushima 4 Ever (Simple Production), he offers a glance at the evolution of Japanese society – the shifts and perspectives – after the disaster. De Halleux told the story of the disaster itself in a series of web documentaries - Récits de Fukushima – narrated by eight witnesses. This time, he follows young Kento and the numerous obstacles he is confronted with in his attempt to organize a football match in the affected area. The film is due for completion in July.

And finally, Mary Jimenez has announced a new experimental film: Démence cinéma.

The complete survey of feature-length and short films, documentaries, television productions and experimental films selected for script, production or development support can be found at:
Selected projects – first round 2012 (pdf) (FR)